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Information Offered by a Professional Collision Service Technician


Collision ServiceWhen it comes to collision damage and repairs, there are many contradictory opinions. There are also different methods for their successful fixing. One thing is for sure, you have to visit a reputable local collision service provider. They will offer you the paintless dent removal as the best technique, to get your vehicle in pre-accident condition. What is this?

  • What is PDR? Even during the smallest of car crashes, dings and dents always appear. Most traditional mechanics would repair them using a paint sample or a body filler perfectly matched to the rest your car’s exterior. However, while this method will make it look beautiful and shiny again, it doesn’t address the dent itself. This technique is also time-consuming and expensive. PDR (paintless dent removal) is a method which focuses on the proper restoration of your vehicle. Everything will be repaired, including body creases and hail damage.
  • What should be done prior to using this method? The foremost step to any repair process is to evaluate the damage. Where is your car’s dent or ding? How big are they? How can they be effectively fixed? After the decision of utilizing this innovative method, a specialist will prepare the surface. Some of your car’s body parts might need to be removed beforehand. To perform PDR, the technicians need to have a clear way to the dent.
  • How does it work? Please be advised that this highly-effective technique should be done only by trained and experienced technicians. Having a clear view to the specific defect, they will use a special light board to show a shadow. This is the exact location where the equipment should be placed, they will then massage the body back to its original condition. With the help of specialized tools, they will apply slow and light pressure to remove all defects and restore your vehicle’s original appearance.

Make sure to hire the collision service experts from Chuy's Auto Body Shop for your next repair. We are in Vallejo, CA and if you need more information about our services and rates, you can get in touch with us at (707) 653-4487.


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